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A Message from our President

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School hosted by the National Headquarters of Phi Kappa Psi. One of the opening sessions left a lasting impression. I distinctly remember a quote from Taylor Deer, a Phi Psi keynote, saying “If you are being tested, then you are being perfected.” I believe that this quote encompasses what being a member of Phi Kappa Psi and brotherhood is all about. It should come as no surprise that life will be filled with tests and challenges. Coming to Drexel, I had no intentions of joining a Fraternity but I challenged myself to push my comfort zone and attend the recruitment events. This decision ultimately brought me to the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. As a new member, my challenges varied from balancing academics to family, friends, and now included Fraternity life. Overcoming that challenge helped mold me into the leader, friend, mentor, and proud Phi Psi brother I am today.

What is it that exactly makes Phi Kappa Psi different from other Fraternities? We support and mentor our members through tough challenges in hopes that they will learn and perfect themselves. As a brotherhood, we are able to navigate the challenges in our individual lives. Phi Kappa Psi acts as a gentle hand, encouraging its members to achieve the greatest version of themselves. The challenges of college and Fraternity life will certainly not cease, however, I can assure you, neither will the support of Phi Kappa Psi. My vision for Phi Psi is to continue to build a brotherhood of educated and intelligent gentlemen that will challenge me to become a better and stronger leader, thus striving for perfection. As my members challenge me, I in return will challenge them to consider their legacy in both their personal and professional endeavors.

With that being said, as guests and visitors to our website, I challenge you to learn more about the Greek community, Phi Kappa Psi and not let the negative stories of the media guide your opinions. To the gentlemen interested in joining a Fraternity, I challenge you to push your comfort zone, as I did, and attend a recruitment event. Finally, to the current members of Greek Life, I challenge you to never stop spreading the ideals and values of your individual chapters, while remembering that we are a family and community. Together, through challenging and testing each other, we can make one another and our chapters a little more perfect.


Andrew Shatynski…
Chapter President

On Wednesday according to a written report released.

Beneath the Affordable Care Act , says received funding to expand Medicaid eligibility to almost all people with incomes at or below 138 % of the state poverty level. Regulations also do aside with additional eligibility requirements, such as impairment or carrying a child, that avoided many poor adults with HIV from attaining Medicaid coverage. The ACA also prohibited the insurance industry practice of denying private insurance plan to people who have pre-existing conditions. And it included procedures that avoided insurance firms from placing considerably higher prices for those who have HIV, or imposing annual or life time coverage limits. These adjustments may have helped some individuals with HIV access personal insurance, however the biggest impact originated from Medicaid expansion. Continue reading

Underground safe haven keeps drug users off street.

As general public health officials have wrestled using the fallout from an evergrowing opioid epidemic, U.S. Metropolitan areas from Seattle to NY have considered enabling supervised shot sites. But no U.S. Region or town offers had the opportunity to crystal clear the political and legal hurdles. Overdose fatalities killed a lot more than 52,000 people in the U.S. In 2015, based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance. Dr. Alex Walley, a Boston INFIRMARY addiction specialist who was simply not associated with the new research, said the results illustrate the advantages of supervised shot sites. Advocates, nevertheless, contend that the websites save lives, prevent needle-sharing illnesses like HIV, and steer medication users into treatment. Advocates also argue that supervised sites help neighborhoods by keeping medication users out of open public places, where they are able to keep dangerous refuse, unnerve passersby, and disturb businesses. Continue reading

Incident myocardial infarction.

‘Our findings display that alendronate is normally possibly cardioprotective in hip fracture sufferers,’ stated Dr. Ching-Lung Cheung, College or university of Hong Kong, and co-study writer. Further research are warranted, concluded the writers, into numerous anti-osteoporosis medicines to get a larger understanding between your medicines and threat of cardiovascular occasions.. Osteoporosis Drug Shows Cardioprotective Potential at 10-Year Follow-Up To examine cardiovascular events and alendronate use research workers followed patients which were newly identified as having hip fractures in 2005-2013 Alendronate use among hip fracture individuals was connected with significant reductions in cardiovascular mortality, incident myocardial infarction, and stroke. Continue reading

The percutaneous mitral valve replacement pipe dream SNOWMASS.

But, since operative repair entails much less morbidity than substitute – and a percutaneous restoration using a leaflet-grasping gadget like the MitraClip is very simple and safer when compared to a medical repair – it appears likely that the near future treatment for supplementary MR is a percutaneous gadget, he said. That upcoming could rely upon the results from the ongoing COAPT trial , where the MitraClip has been studied instead of medical repair for significant supplementary MR. But, if COAPT produces positive results, the role from the MitraClip will expand greatly. An intriguing and poorly recognized difference exists in the importance of residual mitral regurgitation following surgical fix instead of percutaneous MitraClip restoration, Dr. Continue reading

The findings.

The findings, published within the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, reinforce the necessity for limits on screen time, such as for example those organized with the American Academy of Pediatrics . In its 2001 guidelines, the AAP suggested that children older than 2 watch only two hours of television each day. These suggestions, in October 2016 updated, now advise that kids between 2 and 5 view only 1 hour of television . Given that research possess reported that kids often watch a lot more than the recommended quantity, and the existing prevalence of technology such as for example smartphones and tablets, participating in display screen period could be even more regular today than previously, stated Andrew Ribner, a doctoral applicant within the Section of Applied Mindset in NYU Steinhardt as well as the study’s lead writer. Continue reading

And in addition.

And in addition, not surprisingly, considering that a lot of those misusing opioids consider them via shot, and share fine needles, at least a few of these difficulties come with an infectious disease component. In a written report by Fox 25 in Boston, healthcare officials in Massachusetts, which includes seen high prices of opioid misuse lately, acknowledged they have seen a growth in endocarditis, particularly among teens and adults. Considering that endocarditis is usually additionally diagnosed in old adults, officials in the Bay Condition have got attributed this troubling trend to shot drug use, recommending that teenagers might be subjected to the bacterias that causes the condition because they’re not disinfecting the region around the shot site ahead of placing the needle. Continue reading

A US official said.

Cholera can be an acute diarrheal contamination pass on by contaminated water and food. It could be very easily treated with dental rehydration alternative if captured early but can destroy within hours if still left untreated. From Muna Garage aside, the close by camps of Custom made House, Ruwan Zafi and Bolori II also have reported cholera instances. Outbreaks have already been reported in the regions of Monguno and Dikwa also, and east of Maiduguri northeast. Borno condition said there have been 945 suspected instances in the Muna area, 537 in Dikwa and 144 in Monguno, by Sept. 11. A lot more than 20,000 folks have been killed in the Boko Haram insurgency as well as the U.N. Estimations that 5.2 million people in northeast Nigeria don’t have secure usage of food, with thousands already in famine-like conditions.. Continue reading

Rendering it a profitable marketplace for Philip Morris to focus on.

They carefully matched up 11 kids who continued to obtain auto-antibodies-five of whom afterwards created type 1 diabetes-with 11 kids who didn’t develop auto-antibodies or the condition. All 22 kids transported genes that place them at risky to develop the condition. A previously unfamiliar virus linked to circoviruses was within five from the 11 kids who didn’t develop auto-antibodies, however, not in any from the small children who did. Circoviruses are little infections that infect a variety of mammals but that are hardly ever from the viral disease. This shows that getting a circovirus may be a very important thing for folks at risky for diabetes. Continue reading

Well-deserved journalism award on clinical trial ethics story St.

Unless these issues of passions are eliminated, colleges will continue steadily to do it again the errors that preceded the loss of life of Dan Markingson.Kudos to Teacher Elliott for addressing the ongoing ethical problems in clinical studies.. Well-deserved journalism award on clinical trial ethics story St. Paul Pioneer Press reporters Jeremy Olson and Paul Tosto have already been granted a Frank Premack General public Affairs Journalism Prize because of their series over the loss of life of Dan Markingson within a medical trial in the University or college of Minnesota. The judges are hopeful that the brand new ethics task drive implemented in the U of M can be resulting in adjustments in conflict appealing policies. Continue reading

Or hardening from the arteries.

Skipping breakfast tied to higher risk of hardening in arteries – Individuals who neglect breakfast could be more likely to build up atherosclerosis, or hardening from the arteries, than people who start every day using a hearty meal, a fresh study suggests . FILE Image: A complete English breakfast sometimes appears in the Glider Cafe along the A419 close to Frampton Mansell, september 5 the west Britain, 2013. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth Also after research workers accounted for diet plan and additional risk elements for cardiovascular disease, people who regularly skipped breakfast had been a lot more more likely to develop atherosclerosis in comparison to people who normally experienced a breakfast, the scholarly study found. Prior research has connected skipping breakfast to an increased risk of issues that can result in heart disease such as for example obesity, diabetes and raised chlesterol, researchers note in the Journal from the American College of Cardiology. Continue reading


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