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Why would you want to join a fraternity?

Human beings naturally seek the companionship of others with similar interests and ideals. The formation of the American college fraternity was brought about because their founders realized the value of an association between men of like ideals. Their purposes were specifically set forth to be conducted by those involved in their fraternity.

Classroom Supplement:  

College, by its very nature, emphasizes mental and intellectual training. An academic program, however, is only a part of the educational process. Fraternities complement classroom instruction with a variety of experiences which can contribute significantly to the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of their members.

Life-long Friendships:

The close friendships that you form during your college days will likely become one of your most valuable assets later on, since such relationships often turn into lifelong friendships. The men in your chapter will often be those who stand with you at your wedding, come to your side in times of need, or counsel you when you are in a crisis. These bonds are rarely generated by college organizations other than fraternities.

Personal Success:

Nationally, members of fraternities are more likely than students not involved in undergraduate organizations to continue their education to graduation, be more satisfied with their undergraduate experience, develop stronger loyalties to their colleges or universities, and donate back to the college later in life.

Why would I want to join Phi Kappa Psi?

Phi Kappa Psi is a group of college men who have, by their own choice, banded themselves together under the premise of “The Great Joy Of Serving Others.” Together, Phi Psis are guided by the Phi Kappa Psi Creed, laws, rituals, the Phi Kappa Psi Idea, and traditions of the Fraternity. Individual brothers have different reasons why Phi Psi was attractive to them. Some were driven by the bonds between members; some sought lifelong friendships; but all agree that joining changed their lives. We provide a unique alternative to the other fraternities on campus. Our strong National Values, emphasis on Excellence, and Gentlemanly Conduct offer more to individuals than just the social aspect.

Common Bond:

You may find Phi Psi’s formal expression of high aspirations not only inspiring, but also an uplifting and wholesome stimulus. The bonds of brotherhood created through stated ideals bring together young men from every section of the country, from every stratum of society, and from every economic level, so that former strangers, now brothers in Phi Kappa Psi, share a common bond.

The Idea of Phi Kappa Psi

        The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is a private association of educated men who endeavor to live honorably and humanely. Its Brotherhood is open to men of talent and character, but to those in particular who as gentlemen feel an affinity with one another in the common ways of college life and, moreover, in the pursuit of excellence. Such men may differ in their origins, backgrounds, and beliefs, and even be set upon diverse purposes, interests and vocations. Yet as Brothers in Phi Kappa Psi, they are vitally united in their dedication to the highest standards of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual integrity.
Phi Kappa Psi encourages all its Brothers to express the true measure of their abilities and personalities through “The Great Joy of Serving Others”. Although the Fraternity is not in itself a religion, its ethical principles are derived from ancient wisdom and hallowed traditions that serve to advance the noble elements within human nature and thus work to overcome baseness and corruption. Phi Kappa Psi reaffirms its sense of fraternity to be joyous and life-giving for men capable of comprehending and accepting the meaning of its privileges, challenges and obligations. Relying on the discipline and responsibility of its individual Brothers, Phi Kappa Psi, alone of all the fraternities, entrusts the governance of its Chapters and of the general Fraternity to its student leaders, whose exercise of authority is balanced and complemented by its alumni.
For young men, Phi Kappa Psi helps to shape the random experiences of the college years into a more stable form in which life begins to reveal larger, clearer purposes, and friendships become firm and lasting. In the middle years the Fraternity helps to sustain mature men in the settled courses of life, strengthening their resolve and renewing their spirits through the ripening of friendship. In later life the Fraternity helps to impart the harmony and wholeness that can lead the principled man, upheld by the loyalty of his friends, to understanding and contentment. Above all, Phi Kappa Psi creates a moral order for the conduct of life that, generation after generation, unites men of honor, decency, and good will in enduring friendship and Brotherly love.

The Creed of Phi Kappa Psi:

I believe that Phi Kappa Psi is a brotherhood of honorable men, courteous and cultured, who pledge throughout their lives to be generous, compassionate, and loyal comrades;
I believe that I am honor bound to strive manfully for intellectual, moral, and spiritual excellence; to help and forgive my Brothers; to discharge promptly all just debts; to give aid and sympathy to all who are less fortunate;I believe that I am honor bound to strengthen my character and deepen my integrity; to counsel and guide my Brothers who stray from their obligations; to respect and emulate my Brothers who practice moderation in their manners and morals; to be ever mindful that loyalty to my Fraternity should not weaken loyalty to my college, but rather increase devotion to it, to my country, and to my God;

I believe that to all I meet, wherever I go, I represent not only Phi Kappa Psi, but indeed the spirit of all fraternities; thus I must ever conduct myself so as to bring respect and honor not to myself alone, but also to my Fraternity;
To the fulfillment of these beliefs, of these ideals, in the noble perfection of Phi Kappa Psi, I pledge my life and my sacred honor.

Written by John Henry Frizzell, Massachusetts Alpha 1898, and Kent Christopher Owen, Indiana Beta 1958, Adopted by the 1964 Grand Arch Council.

If you would like to donate to Phi Kappa Psi’s philanthropic, scholastic, or member development initiatives, click the link below to donate to our organization! We thank you for any contribution made!