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A Message from our President

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School hosted by the National Headquarters of Phi Kappa Psi. One of the opening sessions left a lasting impression. I distinctly remember a quote from Taylor Deer, a Phi Psi keynote, saying “If you are being tested, then you are being perfected.” I believe that this quote encompasses what being a member of Phi Kappa Psi and brotherhood is all about. It should come as no surprise that life will be filled with tests and challenges. Coming to Drexel, I had no intentions of joining a Fraternity but I challenged myself to push my comfort zone and attend the recruitment events. This decision ultimately brought me to the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. As a new member, my challenges varied from balancing academics to family, friends, and now included Fraternity life. Overcoming that challenge helped mold me into the leader, friend, mentor, and proud Phi Psi brother I am today.

What is it that exactly makes Phi Kappa Psi different from other Fraternities? We support and mentor our members through tough challenges in hopes that they will learn and perfect themselves. As a brotherhood, we are able to navigate the challenges in our individual lives. Phi Kappa Psi acts as a gentle hand, encouraging its members to achieve the greatest version of themselves. The challenges of college and Fraternity life will certainly not cease, however, I can assure you, neither will the support of Phi Kappa Psi. My vision for Phi Psi is to continue to build a brotherhood of educated and intelligent gentlemen that will challenge me to become a better and stronger leader, thus striving for perfection. As my members challenge me, I in return will challenge them to consider their legacy in both their personal and professional endeavors.

With that being said, as guests and visitors to our website, I challenge you to learn more about the Greek community, Phi Kappa Psi and not let the negative stories of the media guide your opinions. To the gentlemen interested in joining a Fraternity, I challenge you to push your comfort zone, as I did, and attend a recruitment event. Finally, to the current members of Greek Life, I challenge you to never stop spreading the ideals and values of your individual chapters, while remembering that we are a family and community. Together, through challenging and testing each other, we can make one another and our chapters a little more perfect.


Andrew Shatynski…
Chapter President

Based on clinical trial outcomes published in THE BRAND NEW Britain Journal of Medication.

Quintupling inhaler medication may not prevent asthma attacks in children Kids with mild to average asthma usually do not benefit from a typical practice of increasing their inhaled steroids on the first indicators of an asthma exacerbation, based on clinical trial outcomes published in THE BRAND NEW Britain Journal of Medication. Researchers discovered short-term raises in inhaled steroids didn’t prevent episodes in kids aged 5 to 11, and could even sluggish a child’s development . For one 12 months, researchers measured great things about quintupling inhaled steroid dosages during the first signals of an asthma attack. This period-known because the ‘yellowish zone’-is usually when wheezing, hacking and coughing, and shortness of breathing 1st show up. Continue reading

An inhibitor of interleukin-6.

‘This trial may be the first to show beyond any question that an option to persistent, unending steroid treatment is available. Perhaps one of the most astonishing results was precisely how badly the original, steroid-only regimens worked well. These email address details are more likely to possess an instantaneous, suffered effect on the entire lives of thousands of sufferers around the world.’ Affecting arteries in the top mainly, eyes and neck – aswell mainly because the aorta and its own primary branches – giant cell arteritis, called temporal arteritis also, can be an important reason behind irreversible blindness. Continue reading

A recently available Penn Medicine research found.

In moderate to serious cases, it holds an elevated risk of coronary attack, stroke and early death, researchers stated. Research workers said more research is required to understand what could cause the disparity, and if the difference in health care plays a part in more severity in disease among minorities directly.. Minorities are Less Likely to See a Doctor for Common Skin Disease Minorities in america are not as likely than whites to see a medical expert for the potentially serious condition of the skin, a recently available Penn Medicine research found. Continue reading

Researchers in the united kingdom say.

Among 7,825 kids, 94 % were categorized as having an accidental injury and 6 % as instances of suspected kid abuse. On average, the kids suspected of experiencing been abused were very much youthful, with fifty % beneath the age of 4 months, whereas fifty % of these with accidents were at least 7 years of age. The abused kids also tended to have significantly more severe accidental injuries and had almost 3 x higher prices of loss of life, at 5.7 % versus 2.2 % among the injured, based on the leads to the Crisis Medication Journal. Fewer kids with suspected abuse injuries attained a healthcare facility via emergency solutions: 25.6 versus 44 % by ambulance %; and 0.6 % versus 7.6 % by helicopter. Kids with suspected mistreatment accidental injuries also took much longer to attain a medical center from the proper period of damage, with fifty % arriving within eight hours, in comparison to significantly less than 1.5 hours for all those with accidents. Continue reading

Such as for example rheumatoid arthritis.

How the brain plays a role in rheumatoid arthritis inflammation In individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions, such as for example rheumatoid arthritis, there’s been limited knowledge of the way the mind is suffering from this inflammation. A fresh research published in Nature Communications examines this presssing issue. Rheumatoid arthritis can be an inflammatory and autoimmune condition with unpleasant levels of irritation that may affect someone’s joints and the others of their body, inducing exhaustion, rest and creating cognitive difficulties, says Andrew Schrepf, Ph.D., a study investigator at Michigan Medicine’s Chronic Discomfort and Fatigue Analysis Center and among the business lead authors of the analysis. Continue reading

VA bests Medicare in end-of-life care for cancer patients.

A lot more than 90 % of old veterans are signed up for Medicare along with the VA, therefore the population that’s qualified to receive both programs is fantastic for analyzing differences in treatment due to healthcare program factors, Gidwani-Marszowski stated. Analysts accounted for many features which could affect which functional program veterans decide for treatment, including the range they live from medical services, Gidwani-Marszowski said. The analysis showed that Medicare patients were much more likely to get unduly intensive care by the end of lifestyle including chemotherapy, hospitalization, admission towards the intensive care unit, much longer remains within the loss of life and medical center in a healthcare facility than those that received treatment with the VA. Continue reading

Estimations are that 600 mil people shall involve some type of diabetic retinopathy by 2040.

Fighting diabetic blindness: Researchers develop new target to study potential treatments Diabetic retinopathy is really a retinal microvascular disease that often causes blindness in adults who’ve had diabetes mellitus for a decade or more. Estimations are that 600 mil people shall involve some type of diabetic retinopathy by 2040 . Previously, no great animal models been around that scientists might use to study the condition, its medical diagnosis or potential remedies. Now, a group of research workers led with the College or university of Missouri offers utilized a mouse model exhibiting diabetic retinopathy symptoms which could lead to potential translational clinical tests. Continue reading

Big changes ahead in heart failure management SNOWMASS.

Device implantation can be executed by any cardiologist who is capable of doing a right center catheterization, whether it is an electrophysiologist, interventionalist, center failure expert, or general cardiologist. It requires only about yet another 7 mins to deploy the sensor carrying out a regular diagnostic right center catheterization. Once a day time the individual lays straight down, pushes a switch, as well as the sensor is concurrently powered up as the data on pulmonary artery pressure waveforms and systolic and diastolic stresses is extracted using radiofrequency energy. In the randomized, multicenter, controlled, single-blind CHAMPION trial, Dr. Continue reading

A fresh study has found.

Folks of all age range have to be reminded how the HIV epidemic isn’t over and viral transmitting is still an extremely real possibility in every elements of the globe in every populations and age ranges,’ stated Linda-Gail Bekker, leader from the International Helps Society, who was simply not really mixed up in study. ‘Surveillance like this is crucial for all of us to maintain a genuine and present concentrate on where assets and efforts have to go. Continue reading

Patient Radiation in Diagnostic Imaging By DR.

Justification states an test should only become performed if it can more great than harm. An excellent mnemonic is usually .DAM : Don’t Purchase Testing that Don’t Impact Management. They are evidence-based recommendations to aid referring doctors and other suppliers in making the most likely imaging or treatment decision for a particular medical condition. By buying the lowest-dose examination that still conveys relevant medical info the referring doctor can play a big part in reducing individual rays dosage. Continue reading


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