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A Message from our President

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School hosted by the National Headquarters of Phi Kappa Psi. One of the opening sessions left a lasting impression. I distinctly remember a quote from Taylor Deer, a Phi Psi keynote, saying “If you are being tested, then you are being perfected.” I believe that this quote encompasses what being a member of Phi Kappa Psi and brotherhood is all about. It should come as no surprise that life will be filled with tests and challenges. Coming to Drexel, I had no intentions of joining a Fraternity but I challenged myself to push my comfort zone and attend the recruitment events. This decision ultimately brought me to the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. As a new member, my challenges varied from balancing academics to family, friends, and now included Fraternity life. Overcoming that challenge helped mold me into the leader, friend, mentor, and proud Phi Psi brother I am today.

What is it that exactly makes Phi Kappa Psi different from other Fraternities? We support and mentor our members through tough challenges in hopes that they will learn and perfect themselves. As a brotherhood, we are able to navigate the challenges in our individual lives. Phi Kappa Psi acts as a gentle hand, encouraging its members to achieve the greatest version of themselves. The challenges of college and Fraternity life will certainly not cease, however, I can assure you, neither will the support of Phi Kappa Psi. My vision for Phi Psi is to continue to build a brotherhood of educated and intelligent gentlemen that will challenge me to become a better and stronger leader, thus striving for perfection. As my members challenge me, I in return will challenge them to consider their legacy in both their personal and professional endeavors.

With that being said, as guests and visitors to our website, I challenge you to learn more about the Greek community, Phi Kappa Psi and not let the negative stories of the media guide your opinions. To the gentlemen interested in joining a Fraternity, I challenge you to push your comfort zone, as I did, and attend a recruitment event. Finally, to the current members of Greek Life, I challenge you to never stop spreading the ideals and values of your individual chapters, while remembering that we are a family and community. Together, through challenging and testing each other, we can make one another and our chapters a little more perfect.


Andrew Shatynski…
Chapter President

Atrial fibrillation more deadly in rural U.

‘Researchers are concentrating on person populations for every study, to be able to understand the particulars of this population’s hereditary backgrounds,’ he says. The task includes data from specialist-diagnosed psoriasis aswell as self-reported, via the buyer genetics company 23andMe, among the study collaborators. Research workers discovered some customers might assume they possess psoriasis without obtaining a formal medical diagnosis. ‘There is some misclassification when the analysis had not been from a skin doctor, and we estimated near 4 % of unaffected people thought that they had psoriasis however they will need to have had another thing,’ Tsoi says. Continue reading

This might possess main significance in the study field.

Our discovery shows the significance of experimental validation when working with high-throughput technology in study. Without such experimental rigour, pervasive mistakes can cover in plain view, hidden by their persistence across research, says Colm Nestor, Helper Teacher on the Section of Clinical and Experimental Medication and business lead investigator of the analysis. By analysing a lot more than 125 existing datasets Nestor’s group revealed that DIP-seq commonly detected DNA sequences that didn’t have any kind of epigenetic marks. These fake positives constitute 50-90 % from the recognized DNA regions, as well as the magnitude of the result differs between different datasets. Continue reading

Based on the charity.

Ordinary packages are made of image wellness warnings mostly. The just additional distinguishing feature may be the name from the cigarette brand. No other branding however, such as colors, imagery or corporate and business logos, are allowed. Our survey demonstrated an overwhelmingly solid response from nonsmokers to the packages, numerous commenting within the solid effect of graphic warnings and their usefulness in highlighting health threats. Smokers as well reacted favorably to the brand new packages’ educational worth and many experienced they would become a deterrent to fresh smokers, Mr Buggy stated. Research shows that in both years following a introduction of ordinary product packaging in Australia, cigarette smoking prices fell to a historic low of 12.8 percent. Continue reading

Potpourri: What is AHA smoking?

So, given that the cow has gone out from the barn, as happens often, comes a demand evidence-based recommendations. All the best with that. ——- – TweetFollow us in Twitter: and on Facebook.. Potpourri: What is AHA smoking? Will flu shots keep you healthy? Why do some oppose comparative effectiveness research? Before we summary the entire week, below are a few items released this week that people think readers of the blog will be thinking about:Dr.That one has been Dr. John Santa of Customer Reviews. While market espouses market pushes, it has additionally opposed initiatives to make sure that customers get great evaluations of quality and cost. Rather it desires customers to create decisions predicated on marketing and advertising. Continue reading

On Fri the initial main country wide poll around the query showed.

While 74 % of voters beneath the age group of 25 had been and only the transformation, just 36 % of voters over 65 backed it. The Irish Times within an editorial about the poll said that while there have been a striking move towards liberalization of abortion before year, the referendum result was definately not a formality.. Irish poll shows majority support abortion up to 12 weeks DUBLIN – Most Irish voters would support a proposal to permit abortion up to 12 weeks right into a being pregnant inside a referendum thanks in the approaching months, on Fri the initial main country wide poll around the query showed. Continue reading

That involves a critical mobile development pathway referred to as mTOR.

That includes protein discovered inside cells , aswell as those discovered outside . Both these recycling channels converge for the lysosome, and, as Sabatini’s group discovered, rely on SLC38A9 activity. Pancreatic cancer cells are regarded as highly reliant on the flow of proteins from your lysosome. When the experts knocked out SLC38A9 function in these cells, either in human being cell lines or mouse versions, tumor development was considerably decreased. Continue reading

Zika virus mutated around 2013.

The mutation in another of its structural proteins, called pRM, is thought to have arisen towards the 2013 outbreak in France Polynesia prior, said the Technology report. That transformation in the pathogen’s protective layer made the pathogen much more likely to get rid of developing human brain cells in mice and folks in comparison to older versions from the disease, experiments showed. The change, referred to as S139N, which involved the replacement of a serine amino acid with an arginine amino acid, was among numerous changes the Zika virus acquired throughout its genome between 2010 and 2016, said the report. Zika was initially discovered in a monkey in Uganda in 1947. Continue reading

Within their paper released in Technology Translational Medicine.

They survey that once more, the mice demonstrated far less harm to intestinal stem cells. The ultimate test contains inhibiting the proteins in cultured digestive tract cells within a petri dish and dousing them with chemo drugs-once once again, the approach seemed to are hoped. Emboldened by their benefits, the team programs to continue examining the method of discover out if it could grow to be a viable option for human cancer patients.. Continue reading

Caffeine tempers taste.

The stimulant was put into make that group’s espresso in keeping with real-life levels of caffeine. The various other group drank simply decaffeinated espresso. Both organizations got glucose added. Panelists who drank the caffeinated brew ranked it as much less sweet. In a second area of the study, individuals disclosed their degree of alertness and approximated the quantity of caffeine within their coffee. Further, panelists reported the same upsurge in alertness after taking in either the decaffeinated or caffeinated examples, even while panelists cannot predict if indeed they acquired consumed the decaffeinated or the caffeinated edition. Continue reading

A broadly effective meningitis B vaccine has been proved effective in a Danish study MenB-FHbp.

This inhabitants was composed of randomized individuals who got at least one valid and determinate assay. Among individuals, 82 percent of children and 84.5 percent of adults experienced the composite response, that was thought as the proportion of patients who experienced an hSBA titer response that reached or exceeded the limit of quantitation for all those primary test strains combined at one month following the third MenB-FHbp vaccine dose was given. Using the hSBA responses to the principal strains, an optimistic predictive benefit analysis expected the immune responses to other meningitis strains with H-binding protein. Continue reading


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