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A Message from our President

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School hosted by the National Headquarters of Phi Kappa Psi. One of the opening sessions left a lasting impression. I distinctly remember a quote from Taylor Deer, a Phi Psi keynote, saying “If you are being tested, then you are being perfected.” I believe that this quote encompasses what being a member of Phi Kappa Psi and brotherhood is all about. It should come as no surprise that life will be filled with tests and challenges. Coming to Drexel, I had no intentions of joining a Fraternity but I challenged myself to push my comfort zone and attend the recruitment events. This decision ultimately brought me to the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. As a new member, my challenges varied from balancing academics to family, friends, and now included Fraternity life. Overcoming that challenge helped mold me into the leader, friend, mentor, and proud Phi Psi brother I am today.

What is it that exactly makes Phi Kappa Psi different from other Fraternities? We support and mentor our members through tough challenges in hopes that they will learn and perfect themselves. As a brotherhood, we are able to navigate the challenges in our individual lives. Phi Kappa Psi acts as a gentle hand, encouraging its members to achieve the greatest version of themselves. The challenges of college and Fraternity life will certainly not cease, however, I can assure you, neither will the support of Phi Kappa Psi. My vision for Phi Psi is to continue to build a brotherhood of educated and intelligent gentlemen that will challenge me to become a better and stronger leader, thus striving for perfection. As my members challenge me, I in return will challenge them to consider their legacy in both their personal and professional endeavors.

With that being said, as guests and visitors to our website, I challenge you to learn more about the Greek community, Phi Kappa Psi and not let the negative stories of the media guide your opinions. To the gentlemen interested in joining a Fraternity, I challenge you to push your comfort zone, as I did, and attend a recruitment event. Finally, to the current members of Greek Life, I challenge you to never stop spreading the ideals and values of your individual chapters, while remembering that we are a family and community. Together, through challenging and testing each other, we can make one another and our chapters a little more perfect.


Andrew Shatynski…
Chapter President

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We reached out to her for additional information. She retains the game titles of Regional Physician Multiple Sclerosis Champ at Kaiser Permanente Southern California, and MS expert at LA publisher Gary Schwitzer published in the BMJ).Just what exactly did Langer-Gould experience was missing-and what could have elevated the news headlines coverage such that it does accurately inform the American public?S. That cover Rituxan. But many tales do discuss-at least superficially-the prospect of basic safety complications to emerge given that the medication will presumably be utilized more widely.

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Individuals examine a mock information article written within their major language that explained the spread of the pandemic flu of their country. They finished a study calculating their behaviour toward vaccination after that, knowledge about details in this article, and concern for contracting the flu. Participants browse the mock tale with among 3 random flu brands and image visualizations. Influenced by real disease brands , the imaginary ailments included the incredible sounding Yarraman flu , the technological H11N3 influenza , and equine flu , called for the pet that transmits the pathogen. Alternatively, this article included among three types of images, each showing a growth in the prevalence of influenza, and amount of related fatalities, over 90 days. Continue reading

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Apples & oranges in news coverage of the organic food study? Andrew Holtz, among our HealthNewsReview. The mismatched responses of specialists discussing different topics will keep people confused. There is a high degree of variance between your research with regards to the techniques utilized, which makes the full total outcomes of the review less reliable. Additionally it is worthy of noting that few research viewed relevant health results and the research ran for no more than 2 yrs. This implies no conclusions about long-term health advantages of organic foods could be attracted out of this study. Continue reading

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Nonetheless it will price the health care program a substantial amount of cash. To improve the precision of medical verification and decrease the occurrence of fake positives, Chuong, along with UCSB chemistry and biochemistry professors Martin Moskovits and Galen Stucky and Stanford chemical substance anatomist teacher Tom Soh, designed a biomedical assay that eliminates the readout of the faulty results. Not merely will the assay offer greater accuracy, it decreases the wait around period for outcomes. It is a noticable difference on the favorite enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay , which detects concentrations of protein that correlate with circumstances from being pregnant to allergy symptoms, to infectious disease. We’re not looking to be the very best assay, stated Chuong, discussing tests that may get outcomes out of ever-more miniscule test amounts. Continue reading

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Coupled with HPV screening, the automated strategy known 91.7 percent of HPV-positive cases to immediate treatment while deferring 38.4 percent of HPV-positive women to one-year retesting . Within the 2016-2017 validation, the predicted risk ratings correlated with Pap test outcomes strongly. The full total results of the study showed a computer algorithm fits or exceeds Pap test performance, suggesting that totally automated cervical screening without Pap tests is feasible and will improve cervical screening coverage in underserved regions.. There’s a better way to screen for cervical cancer A new study within the Journal from the National Cancer Institute, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that top quality cervical tumor screening process can be carried out utilizing a completely automated strategy effectively. Continue reading

MDI Biological Laboratory to sponsor Live Longer.

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The theory is that, with better knowledge of motorists in these networks, down the relative line, upcoming remedies could probably disrupt these networks and stop epileptic seizures, Chiang stated. The brand new approach is dependant on Bayesian probability, which will not provide definitive answers but levels of belief predicated on the effectiveness of the evidence. The analysts used two types of data from individuals with temporal lobe epilepsy and healthy control content. Continue reading

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They examined this process in the liver organ also, where these were in a position to detect tumors that started in the digestive tract. In humans, cancer of the colon frequently spreads towards the forms and liver organ little tumors that are tough to detect, comparable to ovarian tumors. Earlier diagnosis Presently, doctors can search for blood biomarkers made by ovarian tumors, yet these markers don’t accumulate in great plenty of concentrations to become detected before tumors are approximately 1 centimeter in diameter, approximately eight to a decade once they form. Another diagnostic device, ultrasound imaging, can be limited by ovarian tumors that are 1 centimeter in size or larger. Continue reading

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1, 2017, Aetna finished the sale of a considerable part of its group insurance section comprising its home group life insurance coverage, group impairment insurance and lack management businesses. [Also: Aetna sells its group existence and disability business towards the Hartford Group for $1.45 billion] The reduction in net income through the full-year 2017 was primarily because of costs from the termination from the Humana merger agreement during first-quarter 2017. Aetna owed Humana a $1 billion break up fee after federal government regulators successfully compared the suggested $37 billion merger. Continue reading


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