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A Message from our President

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School hosted by the National Headquarters of Phi Kappa Psi. One of the opening sessions left a lasting impression. I distinctly remember a quote from Taylor Deer, a Phi Psi keynote, saying “If you are being tested, then you are being perfected.” I believe that this quote encompasses what being a member of Phi Kappa Psi and brotherhood is all about. It should come as no surprise that life will be filled with tests and challenges. Coming to Drexel, I had no intentions of joining a Fraternity but I challenged myself to push my comfort zone and attend the recruitment events. This decision ultimately brought me to the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. As a new member, my challenges varied from balancing academics to family, friends, and now included Fraternity life. Overcoming that challenge helped mold me into the leader, friend, mentor, and proud Phi Psi brother I am today.

What is it that exactly makes Phi Kappa Psi different from other Fraternities? We support and mentor our members through tough challenges in hopes that they will learn and perfect themselves. As a brotherhood, we are able to navigate the challenges in our individual lives. Phi Kappa Psi acts as a gentle hand, encouraging its members to achieve the greatest version of themselves. The challenges of college and Fraternity life will certainly not cease, however, I can assure you, neither will the support of Phi Kappa Psi. My vision for Phi Psi is to continue to build a brotherhood of educated and intelligent gentlemen that will challenge me to become a better and stronger leader, thus striving for perfection. As my members challenge me, I in return will challenge them to consider their legacy in both their personal and professional endeavors.

With that being said, as guests and visitors to our website, I challenge you to learn more about the Greek community, Phi Kappa Psi and not let the negative stories of the media guide your opinions. To the gentlemen interested in joining a Fraternity, I challenge you to push your comfort zone, as I did, and attend a recruitment event. Finally, to the current members of Greek Life, I challenge you to never stop spreading the ideals and values of your individual chapters, while remembering that we are a family and community. Together, through challenging and testing each other, we can make one another and our chapters a little more perfect.


Andrew Shatynski…
Chapter President

UNSW Sydney experts have found.

‘What’s really encouraging about our results is a short-term NMN treatment of pets from obese moms acquired the same advantage as their siblings who exercised,’ Teacher Morris said. ‘Our study presents some promise that people may have got another approach that could be appropriate to avoid obesity in kids from overweight moms. However, we perform still have to take a look at additional ramifications of the medication. For instance, we have to make certain it does not have any toxic results, which we are pursuing up in various other studies.’.. Reversing negative effects of maternal obesity A medication that increases energy rate of metabolism can lead to a new method of prevent weight problems in children created to overweight moms, UNSW Sydney experts have found. ‘There is a lot enjoyment about improving rate of metabolism pharmacologically with techniques that could be helpful for people who have obesity,’ said Mind of Pharmacology in the institution of Medical Sciences at UNSW, Teacher Margaret Morris. Continue reading

5 potential ICD-10 related financial issues As healthcare companies plan the ICD-10 transformation.

4. Medical record coders There’s currently a lack of certified medical record coders with this country, in rural areas especially. Those folks proceed through an incredible quantity of education and testing in order to become the accurate and effective. With ICD-10, they’re becoming asked to learn five times as much rules. When ICD-10 switches into impact, hospitals will become desperate to become as accurate using their coding as it can be . And, if indeed they can’t utilize the coders they want before ICD-10 switches into impact, they’ll genuinely have just two choices: 1) outsourcing the task abroad, or, 2) employing contract coders. 5. Security risks Outsourcing medical information to third celebrations is risky. You are not responsible for those individuals; they’re contractors. Continue reading

Pets and set up cell lines are limited within their ability to imitate human being disease.

Researchers turn urine into research tools One of the primary challenges in learning Down symptoms is discovering the right study model. Pets and set up cell lines are limited within their ability to imitate human being disease, and outcomes don’t often translate to individual populations. Stem cells keep tremendous potential as study tools that may be gathered directly from individuals and produced into countless cell types. But harvesting stem cells could be difficult and invasive-a difficult sell to institutional evaluate boards when coping with children or individuals with intellectual impairment. Now, analysts from Case Traditional western Reserve University College of Medicine are suffering from a breakthrough strategy to harvest cells straight from urine, and grow them into durable, relevant stem cells to review Straight down symptoms clinically. Continue reading

As the loss of life toll climbed to 336.

Meningitis may be the swelling of cells surrounding the mind and spinal-cord which may be due to viral or bacterial attacks. It spreads through kisses primarily, sneezes, coughs and in close living quarters.. Nigeria to launch meningitis jab campaign as death toll jumps to 336 LAGOS – Nigeria is starting a mass vaccination marketing campaign within its crisis response for an outbreak of meningitis in its northwestern expresses, as the loss of life toll climbed to 336, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control said on Wednesday. The true variety of suspected cases has hit 2,997, over 1,000 a lot more than at the start of the other day, when 269 people had passed away, the guts said. Continue reading

USH3 can be the effect of a mutation in the clarin-1 gene.

Research advance may prevent a form of hereditary hearing loss A research progress co-led by Case American Reserve University College of Medicine’s Kumar Alagramam, PhD, may end the development of hearing reduction and result in significant preservation of hearing in people who have Usher symptoms type III, a kind of hereditary hearing reduction linked to flaws in the sensory ‘hair’ cells in the internal ear. USH3 can be the effect of a mutation in the clarin-1 gene suhagra 100 uk . The onset of sensory deficits in USH3, that may result in lack of vision also, is normally noticeable in years as a child and is situated in folks of Finnish history and Ashkenazi Jewish descent primarily. Continue reading

Here Are 8 Surprising Ways In Which Eating Sugar Makes You Sick!

A JOB for Inflammation? The most recent proof helping this simple idea originates from a big epidemiological research, where Inga Peter, a hereditary epidemiologist in the Icahn College of Medication at Support Sinai, and her co-workers scanned through two huge U.S. Furthermore, the research group found that in individuals who received medications used to lessen inflammation-tumor necrosis element inhibitors-the occurrence from the neurodegenerative disease lowered 78 %. Or else it might boost circulating cytokines, substances that may promote inflammation. Tansey provides that adjustments in the microbiome may be influencing gut swelling. To eliminate any hypotheses. For the present time, her team is targeted on determining if the protective aftereffect of anti-TNF substances is because of the reducing of inflammation through the entire body, that could result from various other conditions, or if they just benefit people with colon disorders. Continue reading

Taking A Page From Pharmas Playbook To Fight The Opioid Crisis Dr.

The condition can be growing usage of medication-assisted dependency treatment under a different also, $90 million grant through the federal government 21st Century Remedies Act. The total cover the describing project in California is significantly less than $2 million. The state’s Division of Public Wellness oversees it, however the money originates from the federal government Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance through an application called ‘Avoidance for Says,’ which gives financing for 29 expresses to help fight prescription medication overdoses. Continue reading

Reasons for improved longevity in U.

Got the largest single-year drop in fatalities since 1938.If true, who or what has got the credit?Whoa!This journalism-juiced romance with hi-tech and focus on medicine with reduced or no reference to public health is troubling, sensational, and short-sighted.We have to keep in mind:the U.S. Spends even more on healthcare than some other nation and has results worse than a great many other countries.People in countries that spend less in technology and medications live longer than Us citizens.Not only carry out these figures demand even more scrutiny, as much have previously stated, but so carry out the possible explanations for just about any possible decrease in the death count.. Reasons for improved longevity in U.S.? OK, a lot of news tales today are confirming the new figures suggesting how the U.S. Continue reading

More fruits and vegetables can improve health Recent estimates present about ten % or fewer U.

Today, almost two in 3 American adults and 1 in 3 American children are obese or overweight. Dietary habits donate to multiple cardiovascular risk factors including blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood circulation pressure. At the same time, fruit and veggies are a significant section of a center healthy diet design. A recently available review figured increasing the servings of fruit and veggies can decrease the risk of coronary disease. For the 2,000 calorie diet plan, the American Heart Association recommends 2 cups of fruits and 2.5 cups of vegetables each full day time. Continue reading

UK experts urge smokers to switch to e-cigs for big health gains LONDON Vaping.

FILE Image: A guy uses an IQOS e-cigarette at an outlet in London, Britain, 25 january, 2018 REUTERS/Peter NichollsIn an assessment of evidence about e-cigarettes commissioned from the government-backed authority Open public Health England, professionals stated e-cigarettes could already be helping some 20, 000 UK smokers a year to give up tobacco – and so many more possibly. It said the data will not support issues that e-cigarettes certainly are a gateway into cigarette smoking among teenagers.S. Continue reading


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